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  Open letter to the High Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the post- 2015 development agenda

Author: FAN Global, ANEW, FANSA, FANMexic, FANAS and FANCA Regions: Global Targets for influence: United Nations Document type: civil society statements
Description: Open letter from FAN Global and its regional members including ANEW urging urge the High Level Panel to ensure a water secure world for all by recommending that water is a distinct goal in the post-2015 development framework.

Author: ANEW Regions: Africa Document type: Brochure
Description:  ANEW Brochure gives and overview of what ANEW does, with whom, how and where.

Author: ANEW Regions: Africa Document type: Form
Description: Membership form for interested CSOs. To be filled and send back to anew at info@anewafrica.org 

Author: ANEW Regions: Africa Document type: Constitution
Description:  The ANEW Constitution contains all the key agreements governing the aims of ANEW, how it shall be run and how the members shall work together. The constitution was revised in 2011.

Author: ANEW Regions: Africa Document type: Contact list
Description:  Contact list of all ANEW Members. The document was updated in January 2012.

Author: ANEW Regions: Africa Document type: Contact list
Description:  Contact list of all ANEW National Points. The document was updated in June 2012.

Author: ANEW Regions: Africa Document type: 5 years Strategic Plan

Description:  ANEW has launched it five year strategic plan, this is the plan that will guide the organization for the next five years.

Author: ANEW Regions: Africa Document type: Action Plans
Description: This is the advocacy action plans of ANEW.

Author: ANEW Regions: Africa Document type: Capacity Assessment
Description: The report on Africa's Civil society on the Water and Sanitation sector's capacity to effectively engage in Advocacy.

Author: ANEW Regions: Africa Document type: Meeting report
Description: Report for ANEW planning meeting held at Red Court Hotel in Nairobi 25th to 27th June, 2012. 

Author: ANEW Regions: Africa Document type: Bi-Annual Review

Description: The two year report presented to the ANEW general assembly in Maseru, Lesotho in October 2010.

Author: Hilary Coulby Regions: Africa, Global Document type: toolkits
Description: This handbook provides some useful tools, methods and case studies to support learning and strengthen CSOs skills in using communications to support their influencing agendas in relation to policies, programmes and practice. Please note this is a draft version (2010).

Author: ANEW Regions: Africa, Global Document type: toolkits
Description: ANEW developed an advocacy training plan which aims to strengthen the capacity of its members to conduct effective advocacy. The manual forms the basis of its advocacy training courses and has been designed as a practical tool to assist ANEW members and staff in rolling out advocacy courses.

Author: ANEW Regions: Africa Document type: research
Description:  An analysis of ANEW's region-wide initiative on "Promoting and improving the capacities of African Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for advocacy and participation in governance to enhance provision of water supply and sanitation and Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM), including recommendations.

Author: ANEW Regions: Africa Targets for influence: AMCOW Document type: civil society statement
Description: Civil Society statement at the closing ceremony of the 4th Africa Water Week, May 18th, 2012 in Cairo, Egypt. 

Author: ANEW Regions: Africa Targets for influence: AfricaSan Document type: civil society statements
Description: Civil society statement presented at Africasan 3 in 2011

Author: ANEW Regions: Africa Targets for influence: AfricaSan Document type: civil society statements
Description: ANEW Civil Society Statement AFRICASAN +5 Durban, South Africa 2008

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