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 Water and Climate Coalition Proposals to the Climate Change Negotiations
Author: Water and Climate Coalition Regions: Global Targets for influence: UNFCCC Document type: civil society statements
Description: Water and Climate Coalition proposals to the Climate Change Negotiations in Doha, Qatar, 26 November – 6 December 2012.

 Analysis of Water and Sanitation Policies and Status of IWRM in Africa
Author: ANEW Regions: Africa Document type: research
Description: An analysis of ANEW's region-wide initiative on "Promoting and improving the capacities of African Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for advocacy and participation in governance to enhance provision of water supply and sanitation and Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM), including recommendations.

 Converging currents in climate-relevant conservation: water, infrastructure and institutions 

Author: Conservation International and World Wildlife Fund Regions: Global Document type: external publications, research
Description: A paper focusing on the water-related threats and opportunities presented by climate change to the development and conservation communities. The authors suggest that the climate change impacts on long-lived water infrastructure for energy production, agriculture, transportation, and supply and sanitation demand a much higher level of coordination between economists, engineers, and ecologists in order to achieve a viable vision of sustainable development and green economies over the coming century. The authors also propose a methodology for integrating effective climate adaptation into long-term water resource management and conservation.

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