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On Tuesday July 17, 2013,  the Liberian Civil society National budget and Human Rights Forum presented in the public hearing on the national budget been hosted by the national legislature findings of the briefing paper III. The CSO has also presented over 50 copies of the paper to members of the committee, the press and other legislators.

Prince Kreplak who presented the paper for the ten civil society named in the paper highlighted key findings on seven sectors including the following:

  1. Right to health, 
  2. Right to water and sanitation
  3. Right to education 
  4. Rights of persons with disabilities 
  5. Institutional Analysis 
  6. Security and rule of Law 
  7. Right to participation 

Upon presentation, legislators ask questions and ministers responded before the committee members and member of the public that were in attendance. 

Click  here to download the briefing paper III. 

For more information contact Mr. Prince Kreplak,  Chairman of the Liberia CSOs WASH Network and National Executive Director of the Citizens United to Promote Peace & Democracy in Liberia at cuppadlinc@yahoo.com 


As Sierra Leone just concluded the 1st Annual WASH Conference on 22nd May 2013, a side event that was jointly supported by WaterAid, UNICEF and WASH-Net Sierra Leone in an effort to bring young people on board as new generation of sector actors.

Kindly find  here the Youth Statement as it was delivered during the closing courtesies of the 1st Annual WASH Conference on 22nd May 2013 as an outcome of the Children and Youth Forum which we have all contributed to very immensely.

For more information, contact Mr. Musa Ansumana Soko, National Chairman, Executive Committee Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Network (WASH-Net) Sierra Leone

Mob: +23278198224/
        +1 212 851 3137


Abuja-The United Nations General Assembly yesterday voted overwhelmingly in favour of recognising water and sanitation as human rights.The resolution – put forward by Bolivia and co-sponsored by 35 member states –passed overwhelmingly with 124 states voting in favour and 42 abstaining, and 0 voted no bringing victory to the doorsteps of the global water and Sanitation movement after several decades of advocacy and push.

 “It is a historic victory for a just world as it will go a long way in helping the poor and vulnerable groups in our societies once we swing into action for the enforcement of their right,” says Leo Atakpu, National Coordinator, and Society for Water and Sanitation (NEWSAN), Nigeria.

“With this development, the human right to water and sanitation is officially recognized at the United Nations. We are by this good news calling on President Goodluck Jonathan and the Honourable Minister of Water Resources, Obadiah Aando, to immediately put machinery in motion for the enforcement of this fundamental human right all over the country as majority of our citizens still drink dirtywater,” Mr. Leo Atakpu further said.

“The battle for the right to water and sanitation is not over but just began. The good news, however, is that the landslide resolution that water and sanitation are human rights forms a solid bedrock upon which our advocacy can now stand. We all owe it a duty too ourselves and future yet unborn to ensure that our governments not only recognise water and sanitation as human rights on paper but in actual practice”,adds Mr. Hope Ogbeide, South-South Zonal coordinator of NEWSAN.

“We will organize National Stakeholders Round-table on the Right to Water and Sanitation  in Abuja as a follow up to the one we organized in June  so that we will develop a clear road map for the realization of the right to water and Sanitation in Nigeria” Hauwa Abdullahi, North East Coordinator of NEWSAN points.

“It is victory for our women who have been on the receiving end of lack of access  to water and sanitation over the decades,”Priscilla Achakpa, North Central Coordinator notes.

“The UN Resolution on Right to Water and Sanitation is a boost to our advocacy entry points and we hope to work hard in the days and months ahead for the guarantee of this important right to Nigerians irrespective of where they live,” Ms. Achakpa stated.

For Further Information contact:
Mrs. Mary  Dosuur Teryma-Uza
NEWSAN Programme Officer

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