The first Sanitation and Water for All Partnership meeting takes off in Johannesburg: What happened and what is coming?

Anew is actively engaging with the Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) Partnership, representing Africa Civil society on the steering committee and coordinating their involvement and participation.
ANEW together with EWP organized a civil society meeting with all those members of civil society who attended the partnership meeting to discuss how to take the SWA activities forward at national level and how to strengthen coordination. The partnership meeting focused on the future of SWA partnership and it provided an opportunity for ANEW to contribute to discussions on how the partnership can be strengthened at the national level. ANEW together with other civil society organizations in Asia and Europe used their key messages developed ahead of the meeting which included among others, to ask SWA to remain focused on off target countries in the medium term, to implement its commitments, and to engage more actively at national level.

There are a number of forth coming activities organized by SWA including a steering committee meeting in April 2013 and Post 2015 process thereafter.
Details will be shared by the SWA secretariat and ANEW will engage as appropriate.

check SWA website

Updated on 12 February 2013

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