ANEW invited to Coordinate and mobilize the Youth in Water in Africa

At the Africa day during the Africa day during the World Water Forum, Marseille France, the participants recommended that AMCOW forms a task force to ensure that the youth are mobilized and actively engage in WASH issues more actively and deliberately. Following this recommendation, AMCOW put together a task force and Water Aid provided funding for an initial meeting in Nairobi. The meeting was to discuss and plan a way for ward for developing a youth and water strategy.
Following the Nairobi meeting ANEW was tasked with follow up and coordination of the development of the Africa Youth Water strategy as a means of implementing the outcomes of the Africa day at the recent World Water Forum in Marseille France. A draft framework was developed and discussed by the core team in Nairobi was further to be presented and discussed in Cairo with key stakeholders and the youth.

Updated on 11 February 2013

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