Joint FAN/EWP Planning Meeting,

The Freshwater Action Network (FAN) and the End Water Poverty complement each other in organizing campaigns and mobilizing civil society and other actors across the globe to take action on various water and sanitation issues. They work on issues such as the realization of the right to water for all, advocate for increased sector financing, good governance, equity and accountability of the WASH sector. The purpose of the meeting was to enable the two organizations prepared regional advocacy plans.
 ANEW advocacy plans are linked to FAN global plans and achieving the right to water and sanitation for all, sector financing, IWRM, climate change are the key areas of focus. The two organizations agreed to continue working together on various advocacy initiatives including the World Walks for Water Campaign, High Level Meetings and The Keep you promises Campaign. Details of these activities are available on the following links.

Updated on 11 February 2013

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