The Global Sanitation Forum in Mumbai in October 2011

Members of FAN, FANSA and ANEW present at the World Sanitation Forum 2011.The Global Sanitation Forum in Mumbai in October 2011 was a great forum at which a lot of learning, sharing, capacity building and knowledge sharing from the various practitioners was achieved. The theme was……The World Water and Sanitation Collaborative Council supported 10 members of ANEW to actively participate in this global event. The Executive Secretary used the platform present a business case to the global sanitation fraternity. Some of the ANEW members at the forum presented case studies of their work to the meeting during the various sessions. The secretariat took the opportunity to have the members discuss and endorse the priority activities and outcomes extracted from the Strategic plan. The members committed themselves to support the implementation of the identified activities. The Forum was also attended by civil society from all over the world, representatives of governments, development partners and the academia.

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Updated on 12 February 2013

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