ANEW's Five Years Strategic Plan

After intensive national and regional consultations, ANEW is about to launch its 5-year strategic plan that will equip ANEW to play a key role in contributing towards the achievements of the MDG targets on water and sanitation in Africa.

The strategic planning process which is being lead by a Steering Group comprising of representatives of the ANEW Board, staff, members and key partners and facilitated b y the Nottawasaga Institute, will guide the work of ANEW  from 2009  to  2014.

The consultation process culminated into a 2-day workshop that took place in end of July in Nairobi, Kenya which provided an opportunity for key stakeholders in the water and sanitation sector to input into the emerging strategic Plan.

During the workshop four result areas were identified to guide the work of ANEW. The Network plans to focus on advocacy specifically; coordinating the work of CSO in working with governments, building capacity, strengthening networks and networking and taking a leading role in research and information sharing.

This will be the first strategic Plan for ANEW since its inception. It expected that the plan will support ANEW in setting priorities, having a clear advocacy message and focus its advocacy activities for better impact.

Updated on 4 December 2009

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