• Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, September 28 – 30th 2010

The learning forum is an opportunity for members and key actors to learn and share experiences on different approaches to equity and social inclusion in the water and sanitation sector. Several case studies will be presented and discussed to draw key lessons on what has worked and how it can be replicated elsewhere. In particular the conference will focus on the following areas:

  • Improving equitable  and pro-poor services in urban water supply
  • Innovative and effective sanitation approaches for  urban poor and  rural areas
  • Promoting partnerships to increase equitable access to WASH

The Forum will be attended by around 70 participants including case study presenters, government officials, local, national and international organizations including CSOs, training institutions, academia and the media.

We are inviting members and partners to submit abstracts of around 300 to 400 words for case studies on any of the themes outlines above.

Abstracts should follow this structure:

  • Background to the initiative
  • Major successes/challenges
  • Factors for successes/challenges
  • Lessons learned
Please ensure that issues relating to equity of access for poor and vulnerable people feature strongly in your Case Studies.

For ANEW members, please submit your abstracts through your National Focal Points who will liaise with Regional Coordinators  to select the most relevant case studies to be shared in the forum. For other partners, please submit your abstracts to zainab@anewafrica.net

Deadline for abstracts: August 2, 2010 (strictly)

All accepted Case Studies authors will be asked to prepare a brief write up ( 3-4 pages) to be part of the conference documents and present their Case Studies in the Learning Forum.  They will be given 15 minutes maximum for the presentation. Further guidance on the write up and presentation will be communicated to authors of selected case studies.

Exhibitors are also encouraged to apply for exhibition space during the forum

The African Civil Society Network on Water and Sanitation (ANEW) is an autonomous Africa-wide platform which aims to ensure that the diverse voices of African civil society organizations on water and sanitation are represented and heard in the development and implementation of Water and Sanitation plans and policies. ANEW promotes dialogues, learning and cooperation on water and sanitation issues in Africa and provides a platform for sharing and coordinating the activities of its members.

For more information please contact: ,

Po Box 58684 - 00200  Nairobi Kenya
Tel  +254 20 272 7107/8
Fax +254 20 272 6332
Email: info@anewafrica.net

Updated on 20 July 2010

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