Policy Analysis and Research training held in Addis

Water and sanitation policies are important because they govern how the sector services are delivered and how sector resources managed and conserved.   Policies also set out a framework for the WATSAN sector that determines what will be done, and sometimes, how it will be done.  They also provides the principles and guidance for the activities of national and local civil servants.  Africa has a wealth of policies in the WASH sector but the problem has been mainly the implementation stage. 

It’s for this reason that ANEW carried out its first trainings on Research and Policy Analysis which was held in Addis Ababa Ethiopia from 21st -26thJune. The training brought together 23 participants from 16 African countries.

The training focused on analyzing the water policies of the countries which were represented and some international commitments such as the Ethekwini and the Sharm el Sheikh declarations. From the analysis, it became clear that most of the policies are lacking in principle hence leading to poor or lack of implementation in the respective countries. 

Prior to the training, most of the participants had imagined policy analysis as being too complicated. This was however proved to be the invalid after the five day straining which instilled confidence in the group which now feels competent to start analyzing water policies in their countries. The training was conducted by Hilary Coulby who is an external consultant from the United Kingdom. The national level training will soon be rolled out.

 For more information please contact the national focal points in your country. 

 Download:PolicyTraining Handbook

Updated on 15 July 2010

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