West Africa representatives met in Dakar Senegal from 11-12 September 2013 to prepare AfricaSan4

After the East and Central African AfricaSan4 preparatory meetings, the West African meeting took place in Dakar, Senegal from 11-12 September 2013. Over 40 West African countries and CSO representatives attended the meeting that was organized by UNICEF, WSSCC, WaterAid, AMCOW, ANEW and SWA. As the East and Central African meetings, the main objectives of the West African meeting are to prepare AfricaSan4, review progress related to eThikiwini and High Level commitments and share learnings and experiences.

Chaired by UNICEF in presence of Bai-Mass Taal Executive Secretary of AMCOW, WaterAid Regional Director and the Senegalese government representatives, the opening ceremony was followed by countries sharing their key sanitation priorities and the progress made for each of them. This was a good exercise and great opportunity for countries to learn from each other. 

The first session was followed by several discussions on eThekiwini commitments and post-2015 WASH targets. It is relevant to mention that according to the participants, the post-2015 WASH targets on sanitation and hygiene are too ambitious. They suggested to review them based on their country specificities and sharing their comments with the JMP group. 

The next day, WASH BAT, a bottleneck tool analysis was introduced to countries to support them in identifying bottlenecks and overcome them. A presentation on WASHwatch.org was also done and drawn participants’ interest in being training on how to use WASH BAT and promised to contribute to WASHwatch.org. Other group works and discussions were around government commitments and how to influence the next high level meeting in order to get sanitation and hygiene as a key priority. 

 As a result of the two days preparatory meetings, countries took the firm decision to influence the high level and eThikiwini commitments as soon as they return in their respective countries. They committed to share and follow-up commitments taken by their government through advocacy, campaigning and by sharing the 2013 SWA report to their government representative who is attending the high level meeting in New York.

Updated on 13 September 2013

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