Our Membership Policy

ANEW membership is open to WASH national networks and all registered civil society organizations working in Africa that are active in the fields of sustainable water management, water supply and sanitation and other water issues and are committed to the aims of ANEW. Membership is approved by the ANEW board and an annual membership of USD 300 applies to all members.

Membership application form can be download  here. Kindly send it back to us at after filling it. 

Full Members

A registered civil society organization:

  • National water and/or  sanitation networks
  • Sub regional water and sanitation networks
  • National Non Governmental Organizations focused in water and/or sanitation
  • International Non Governmental Organizations
  • Advocacy/Interest groups
  • Community-based organization

Associate Members

Organizations or interest groups that do not fall within the definition of civil society

  • Research institutions
  • Higher education institutions
  • Advocacy/Interest groups not involved in the water sector
  • Consumer associations
  • Trade/labour unions
  • Human Rights organizations

These members may be invited to participate in ANEW activities and/or attend meetings but do not enjoy the rights and privileges of full members.

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