Our Vision

An Africa where access to water is recognized as a right and where water resources and sanitation are sustainably managed and used by all.

Our Mission

To promote the effective engagement of diverse African civil society voices in the formulation and implementation of policies and strategies for water, sanitation and hygiene, based on sustainability and good governance at all levels.

About Us

The African Civil Society Network on Water and Sanitation (ANEW) is a regional networking body of African civil society organizations (CSOs) actively involved in the field of sustainable water management, water supply and sanitation.  ANEW is an autonomous Africa-wide platform which aims to ensure that the diverse voices of African civil society organizations on water and sanitation are represented and heard in the development and implementation of Water and Sanitation plans and policies. ANEW promotes dialogues, learning and cooperation on water and sanitation issues in Africa and provides a platform for sharing and coordinating the activities of its members. 


1- Vision Statement: 
  • "An Africa where water resources are sustainably managed for current and future use and access to water and sanitation is recognized as a right for all."
2- Main objective: 
  • To mobilize and empower citizens and civil society organizations to actively participate in the formulation of effective policies and strategies for improved water and sanitation service delivery at all levels and implement programs that increase access to water and sanitation services to the poor and under-served in Africa. 
3- Specific Objectives: 
  • To build a continental and national Water and Sanitation (WASH) NGO networks in African countries for effective coordination, accountability, collaboration and engagement with Governments, intergovernmental organizations, regional bodies and other actors.
  • To increase access to water and sanitation by the poor and underserved through provision of information and specialized technical support to enable civil society organizations in Africa to carry out fundraising, design and implementation of sustainable water and sanitation programs and services.
  • To enable citizens to participate in decision making, contribute to policy making, sustainable implementation and management of water and sanitation services through provision of appropriate tools, information and knowledge on water and sanitation.
  • To strengthen national WASH NGO networks’ capacity and governance structures to effectively engage in water and sanitation service delivery activities, advocacy, learning, research, communication and documentation at all levels.
  • To advocate and campaign for right to water for all, favorable water and sanitation policies, interventions and legislative frameworks that ensures access to water and sanitation for all especially for the poor and under-served.
  • To advocate for political prioritization of water and sanitation in national plans and budgets with a view of assisting national States to achieve the right to water and sanitation for all and monitor progress on implementation of national and international commitments and reforms in water and sanitation provision.
  • To provide a forum for a collective voice for African CSOs and communities to influence sector policies, priorities and programmes. 
  • To conduct research on specific WASH issues for knowledge building. 
Registered Non-Governmental Organisational number: OP.218/051/12-0599/8622


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